It was in the middle of a pandemic. Everything around me was just mad. It felt like I have no ground underneath my feet. So... I decided to ignore the world and do, what I always loved the most. Draw. I made myself a tee (it was actually red wine) netflixed Bridgerton and started. 

I forgot everything around me. 

I forgot me loosing beloved clients to lock down. 

I forgot to be badly payed for a job that I love.

I forgot that my husband left me for another woman. 

It was only me, paper and pen. The picture in front of me grew, it was a picture of an unknown Paris street. In that night, something broke in me. I stopped fighting against the whole world and started to enjoy myself. Suddenly, everything made sense. It was supposed to be like that. 

If I still had my old clients, I would have never found the time. 

If I were paid good in my new job, I would be probably online shopping for shoes. 

If I were still living with my ex-husband, we would be most likely fighting about some stupid Sh*t, and I had no time to focus on myself. 

Why am I telling you all this private information? I want to take you on a journey with me, in next weeks I am going to create content for you, to join me on a journey of meditative drawing. To start, I created a series of Limited Edition of Puzzles, they have 1000 Pieces of unlimited fun. They are extremely hard to put together, if you are not interested in drawing, you can try this deep-focus exercise. You can also watch me to create new pictures on my Instagram account. If you follow me on Instagram, I send you a download link to a practice sheets to draw straight lines. One of the most boring but extremely liberating way to deep focus. 

If you have any comments, please let me know on the Instagram via direct message.